A remit of wide and wide open

roaming on command 

part spirit. part data

lets discuss the violence

bulldozing rituals in a cosmetic delusion

a deep blue brute force with angels opposed to dust

inside the soul nasties the blood bites back at you

a century of glory

more mother, less order 

and dynamite was born

bite size job type

leaving the chest unseen

and obeying with age

away with the drive

the therapeutic bucket bound up

and made it spread


fulfill their profit

what’s the matter in this mudbound slaughter

let’s start with rights

the stone age poet jacked up on fusion weapons

dark interference

the diamond chips thought it was possible 

with fly pegs in our brains

key parts of the system

avenge your death in the data sluice

its a cheap lake sauce

every reason leaving craters

utterly unbreathable

the agitated minerals bled through the cracks

navigating through the benzene scented pool

making was enough in the self mirrored kingdom

the piston rose less significant than its impact

I’ll start with rights