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Nested in dimensions that form the groundless ground
Clay, Salt, Copper, Lithium, Iron, Borosilicate Glass

Close to the earth’s magma core, the deep ocean floor is home to plains of polymetallic nodules. At these extreme depths geological crusts are rich in metals such as copper, manganese, nickel, lead, cobalt and zinc. Scientific surveillance is in its infancy, miners masquerade as ecologists creating de-facto forms of polity that are outpacing law in the race to extract.

Observed via a mastery of engineering, no human foot could touch this terraqueous cosmos. The abyssal underworld is detached, virtual miners are separated from the blasts, the sediment plumes and the destruction of habitats. The corporation shifts its responsibility away from the social realm, instead placing it on a violent nature that is constructed as unruly, emphasising the placelessness and remoteness of the deep ocean by claiming that its operations have no human impact. 

Veins of glass embalm the metal rich ceramic mulch, alive and functioning, similar to the networks of nervous systems and arteries of living organisms. Presented as geological specimens, cartographic steel nodes hold glass tentacles that latch onto ceramic nodules, unwilling to submit.

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