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Ceramic Skeleton Purple Iron Geological Entity

Co-exist or pick up the pieces

Iron, Salt, Clay


Unearthed and unfurling, this skeletal debris appears to have been excavated from the deep ocean floor and reconstructed for material analysis. You are invited to imagine that this life form was found at a volcanic eruption site. This quasi-geological entity was believed to have meandered the Clarion-Clipperton Pacific Ridge, growing at a rate of 10 millimetres every 10,000 years. Laden with minerals, this body is both ceramic and metal providing nourishment for chemosynthetic organisms. 

The dawn of a seemingly promising technology came with gruesome repercussions for the oceanic dwellers of the past. The last specimen of its kind, once a home for rare species, and only home in the darkest recesses, now is brought to light, a memento mori, that only becomes visible when it is no longer alive.

Copper weave nodule
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